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Evening all: An image of Constable Bibendum

1985 - 1994 Bibendum meets James Bond.

In 1985 Bibendum shared the limelight with secret agent 007 James Bond in the film 'A view to a kill' where Bond is trapped in a Rolls Royce pushed into a lake, but manages to escape and survives the prolonged immersion by breathing air from the car's Michelin tyres. Four years earlier, Michelin products played a starring role in the James Bond film 'For your eyes only' where the hero escapes in a Michelin-shod 2CV performing a high speed chase and death defying leap across a mountain gorge to evade capture. Serious things also happened in this period! Visit the links below to find out more.

An image of an advert showing James Bond back to back with Bibendum following the film 'A view to a kill'

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