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An image of Bibendum as an army conscript with a fearsome sergeant major. Get fell in you 'orrible lot

1935 - 1944 Michelin at war

Michelin's contribution to the war effort was not confined to tyre production alone, it also embraced the assembly  of military vehicles sent over from the USA. Prior to the war a small fleet of technical service vans was created. Each one kitted out with everything needed to demonstrate the fitting and inflating of a pneumatic tyre. None of the original vans survive today. The Michelin archivist aided by many people has faithfully recreated a working example of a van accurate to the last detail. The snubnose Morris will be seen at automobile shows and other classic car gatherings 

An image of an original Snubnose Morris service van

An image of the exact replica of the Snubnose Morris service van created for the centenary celebrations and beyond

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